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A Brighton based production design company covering all areas of content- terrestrial, online, streaming platforms, experiential, corporate, branded content or just maybe that project which bought you to our site today.

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We’re Vagabond, a boutique production & design company with big ideas. We’ve provided creative direction and delivered captivating designs for TV, award shows and live events and in doing so, have been fortunate enough to work for some of the best around. We like to think we can create something different, something that elevates the design of your prime-time TV show, opening ceremony or international event beyond expectations. Whether it’s something completely new or taking an existing design and installing it in any territory around the world, whatever the vision we have delivered on time and on budget. Entertainment, Reality, Music, Chat, Gameshows, Pilots, Award Shows, Car Shows, Political Shows, Food Shows and even ones about biscuits.

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Understanding a vision requires you to be a good listener. We approach every new brief with open ears and fresh minds and combine this with our collective experience. We weigh-up budget, location, territory, format, scale, audience and brand identity before putting ideas to paper.


We challenge the obvious and embrace innovation. Bring us your dreams and vision and we will use our experience and expertise to design and build it, whatever scale. Whether that’s rebranding iconic shows, creating or recreating global formats and one-off events, our diversity is what sets us apart.


Whatever we design, we can design and install it. Our production team has constructed and implemented designs in all types of venues, environments and locations, whatever the budget or deadline. We can work wherever works for you, we can use local contractors or ship from suppliers in Asia, Europe and the US.


Innovation and sustainability are intrinsic in every project we deliver, and our continually curious nature gives each of our designs a unique visual identity. We work with our LED and construction materials suppliers to make sure that we deliver an end product that contains the latest innovations.

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Hotwheels 2
Hotwheels Ultimate Challenge- NBC USA
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Dated And Related for Netflix USA
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Qftn 3
Queens For The Night- ITV
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Coming soon..........
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